Mini Brazil goes live!

going live

Today we connected up the Sciencescope data loggers for Mini Brazil (in the box) and Cool America’s (outside the box). They are recording: Co2 concentration, humidity, temperature, sound levels and light level. The loggers already show up as devices on the distance exploratory. We can’t wait to see the results.

2 thoughts on “Mini Brazil goes live!”

  1. The greenhouse we call Cool Americas has heating, ventilation and auto shading. We have set control levels to replicate the conditions we have found on expeditions to the coastal cloudforest of Brazil in Rio State (altitude 1300m in an area called Macae de Cima), and the cloud forests of the mountains of Costa Rica (on the slopes of the Poas volcano at 1400m altutiude) In these environments the night temperatures are between 10C and 15C with day time temperatures rising to 19-24C and shade for the orchids from the forest canopy and the common cloud/mist cover.

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