CO2 Levels

By comparing Sound and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) levels in a classroom what trends can you see

UK June Weather

How has the June weather in the UK been. What links can you make about UK weather patterns?

Singapore Air Temperature

By analysing the data what trends can you see that affect temperature. Why is Bukit Timah on the 17th of June warmer than compared to NIE? HINT! Use the plot tools to add a 2nd axis to compare different sensors on the same graph

Plant Growth

Plant Growth

This experiment is setup to measure plant growth of Broad Beans. The experiment uses one of the new IoT loggers with a Raspberry Pi and has multiple sensors; temperature, light, sound, humidity and rotation.

How to use the Exploratory

To use the Exploratory to get data from connected devices is as simple as following the next 7 steps Go to the Exploratory page (Insert Link) The firs way to get data is to pick it by location using the map and following the links provided in the map. This is […]

About the Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things? Data is being gathered all around us all the time, whether it be a weather station monitoring rainfall, streetlamps that turn on when the light level gets too low or carbon dioxide levels in urban areas. The Internet of Things, so to speak, joins the […]

IoST Singapore

We have recently been commissioned by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) to carry out an Internet of School Things project in Singapore. The project is being run on a similar model to Project Distance and will involve equipping Singaporean schools with loggers and sensors so that they can […]

IoST Peterborough

In 2014 Peterborough decided to launch a “smart city” initiative, part of which involved contracting ScienceScope to install 25 air quality weather stations in schools across the city. Not only does the project allow schools to benefit from having their own weather station and the enhancement that brings to education, but, as the data is freely […]