Build Graphs

Getting Started

To begin you need to select a device or devices from the lists below. When a device is ticked a sub list will appear displaying the sensors attached, it will also display when they were last updated. This sub list allows you to select specific sensors by adding a tick into the checkbox. If you leave all the sensors unticked, this will build all the sensors for the selected device or devices.

Once you are happy with your selecting you then need to click on the "Select Dates for the data" tab. This is also tab number 2).

Time series range

Here you select a Start Date and Time, this will define where your time series start. You then set your End Date and Time, this will define where your time series stop. Once you are happy with your defined time series click the "Generate Graphs" Button.

Start Date:

Start Time:

End Date:

End Time:

Data point interval

The system is currently limited to a maximum return of 1500 data points per sensor. This means that the interval between data points must be varied to match your time series. See the table below for the limits.

Please note that 1 Minute interval is only useful for quick logging devices like the Food Science Sensor. All other devices only upload every 5 minutes

1 Minute Upto 1 Day
5 Minutes Upto 5 days
15 Minutes Upto 15 days
30 Minutes Upto 31 days
60 Minutes Upto 62 days
2 Hours Upto 125 days
6 Hours Upto 375 days
12 Hours Upto 750 days

Current Values for Live Devices