Link Between Pressure and Rainfall in the UK

The UK has a very clear correlation between barometric pressure and rainfall.

Can you see what happens to the barometric pressure as the rainfall increases?

Comparing Microclimates in Singapore

Comparing data in different areas at the same location can be a great insight into how factors such as buildings and wildlife effect the environment.

Solar Radiation UK and Singapore

Is the solar radiation stronger in the UK or Singapore?

Most would say Singapore due to the sun being higher in sky but is this the case?

July Weather in the UK

Have a look at the weather in the UK in July.

See if you can spot the cloudiest day in July?

UK Lighting Storm

In the early hours on the 24th of July UK had a Lighting and Thunder Storm.

Three different weather station locations have been selected in the South West; Bath, Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare

Comparing Temperatures at Different Heights in a Room

See how air temperature differs in a room depending upon the height.

Which temperature sensor is placed highest in the room and which one is placed lowest in the room?

CO2 Levels

By comparing the sound and CO2 levels in a classroom what trends can you spot

In a classroom what can produce noise?

In a classroom what can produce CO2?

How does Sound and CO2 relate?

June Weather in the UK

How has the June weather been in the UK?

What links can you make about UK weather patterns?

Can you use the data to work out which days were cloudy?

Singapore Air Temperature

By analysing the data what trends can you see that affect temperature.

Why is Bukit Timah on the 17th of June warmer than compared to NIE?