Solar Energy Throughout the Year

Click here to view the data The data may take a while to load due to the large amount of data The power of IoT and big data becomes more apparent over time. Here, we have a weather station located in the UK measuring a range of different sensor data, […]

Awesome Data Comparison

Click here to view the data As the quantity of data grows, so does the opportunity to extract information from it. Some IoT Exploratory devices have been running in the UK and Singapore for multiple years now and so much can be learnt from the data produced by the sensors. […]

Ciara and Dennis Comparison

Click here to view the data It has been a wet and windy few weeks in the UK with two major storms, Ciara and Dennis passing through. These storms have caused severe flooding to parts of the UK resulting in a vast amount of damage to people’s homes and workplaces.  […]

Tracking a Storm

Click here to view the data Having multiple IoT Exploratory devices within a relatively small radius can produce some interesting data. Storm Ciara hit the UK on the 8th of February 2020 bringing high winds heavy rain to most on the country. What the IoT Exploratory allows us to do […]


Click here to view the data It’s December 2019 already! Time for the festivities to start and Christmas trees to go up.  We take a look back at November and how weather patterns differ in the south-west of the UK. There are 3 IoT Exploratory weather stations located in and […]

Heavy Rainfalls in the UK

Click here to view the data Parts of the UK have seen some devastatingly heavy rainfall over the last week with some regions experiencing flooding. Using weather station data collected during the period of 7th November to 14th November there are clear indicators of two heavy rainfalls.  Use the data […]

Comparing Devices in a Greenhouse

Click here to view the data Two IoT Developer Kits have been installed into a green house at Downside school in the UK. One device is monitoring the greenhouse environment whilst the other is monitoring the micro climate created around a 2 year old orchid.  The orchid is potted with […]

Spot the Time Change

Click here to view the data Twice a year in the UK the clocks change. The time shifts forwards or backwards by 1 hour.  Using the IoT Exploratory, see if you can spot the time change happening. You will notice the data briefly goes back on itself on the x-axis.

Air Temperature in a River Valley

Click here to view the data The relationship between temperature and geographical location can produce some fascinating data. Using the IoT Exploratory you can investigate how the temperature in a river valley, by the sea and at a higher altitude in the open differs over a one week period. Use […]

September in Singapore

Click here to view the data September has gone by fast!  Have a look at the solar radiation graph from data collected in Singapore for the month of September. There were two days during the month where the solar levels were much lower than average. This would suggest greater cloud […]