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IoT@School is a digital resource designed to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) concept into the classroom through device data sharing and collaboration between schools, teachers and students worldwide. 

The IoT@School Exploratory tool provides a collection of live and historic sensor data that can be analysed using graphs and data points to enhance the practical learning experience.

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Use the IoT@School resources to explore how IoT and digital technology can be used in the classroom to inspire a generation students.

IoT@School by ScienceScope Limited

IoT@School is developed by ScienceScope Limited, an ed tech business based in the UK. ScienceScope has been working in the education technology sector for many years and has a raft of experiencing in providing STEAM solutions for schools around the world. 

IoT@School is one of their latest solutions aimed at bringing digital technologies and cloud based learning to the classroom. For more information about ScienceScope please visit their website.