Getting Started

This is a simple guide on how to use our portal. We will also be writing other guides about how to connect devices for the first time.

What is the Exploratory?

The IoT@School exploratory is an online resource designed to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) concept into the classroom through device data sharing and collaboration between schools, teachers and students worldwide. The exploratory provides a collection of live and historic sensor data that can be analysed using graphs and data points to enhance the practical learning experience.

Viewing Data

The first step to viewing data is to find the data you want. To do this you need to go to our Exploratory page at This is also located in the navigation called “EXPLORATORY”Device Select

Device List:

Under the map on the EXPLORATORY there are five tabs, we will only be using the first two tabs. The first tab is where you select the device or devices you want to view. This tab is split into two sections “Live Devices” and “Recent Devices”. The list of devices is updated every 10 minutes on the exploratory (This does not affect the data rate of a device which could be uploading every minute). Also, note that the page won’t automatically refresh.

To get data from the devices you need to select a device by using the tick box to the left of the device name. Your device will have a label on it called Serial No. Find your device in the list that matches your serial number. The serial number appears in the device list after the name separated by a comma. For example “My Device Name, MB102926”

The next step is to define the time series you wish to select. Select the next tab called “Get Selected Data”. This will display a start Date Row and an End Date row. By default, it is set to display the previous 24 hours.

Time Series and interval selectOnce you are happy with the device you have selected and the time series, click the button “Generate Graphs”. This will load a new page which will start to download and build the data. The time it takes to display all your data will vary based on internet connection and how many devices/sensors your are downloading. You will now see graphs and maps of your data.

There is a more advanced tutorial which shows how some of the tools work at