Comparing Devices in a Greenhouse

We have installed 2 IoT developer kits into a green house at Downside school in the UK. One device is monitoring the greenhouse environment whilst the other is monitoring the micro climate created around a 2 year old orchid. 

The orchid is potted with a bottle placed over it. This is to create a second greenhouse micro climate specifically for it. The orchid pot is placed on the ground underneath a bench in a shaded area. See the image to the right.

The data provided compares the two greenhouse devices to give a comparison between the 2 environments.

Points to Note

  • See how the humidity of the orchid environment is more stable than that of the greenhouse. This can be expected due the orchid environment being its own micro climate. This can be confirmed in the stats tab. The range values show a smaller range for the the orchid.
  • See how the temperature of the greenhouse is higher than that of the orchid. The assumption for this is due to the orchid pot being placed on the floor in a shaded area so receives less direct sunlight.

Try using some of the other analytical tools such as the ‘Plot Tools’, to analyse the data further. See if there are any trends between humidity and temperature in the different environments.