It’s December 2019 already! Time for the festivities to start and Christmas trees to go up. 

We take a look back at November and how weather patterns differ in the south-west of the UK. There are 3 IoT Exploratory weather stations located in and around the south-west. All locations with different properties, makes the data interesting to study and analyse.

Bath Bathway Meadows – Data from this weather station was studied in a previous post. In this post it was explained that the weather station was located in a river valley. 

Downside School Robert Tower – This weather station is attached to the top of a tower. There are no obstructions in close proximity to the weather station so therefore gives a representative reading of the environment. The school is located on the top of hill.

Weston Super Mare Lyndhurst Road – Weston Super Mare is a seaside town in the south west of the UK. The weather is located very close to sea level and within 500 meters of sea. 

With this information, predictions can be made and data can be analysed from the weather station sensors. Take a look at the air temperature comparison between the different locations. One might assume that Downside School would experience the coldest temperatures when in fact it is Bathway Meadows. Open the stats tab to view the minimum and maximum sensor values.

The effects of the river valley cool the temperature over night to lower level than that of the other locations. Some research can be done into river valleys to help explain this.

Most would agree, the average temperatures are as expected. Open the stats table and view the mean temperature of each location.

Look into the other sensors and see if you notice any trends in the data.